QE-POWER-T dreiphasiger Leistungsmesser mit ModBus und Netzanalyse

3 Phases Power Meter Three-phase power meter and energy meter, only 17,5 mm wide (1 HP one the DIN-rail). It is one of the smallest and capable power meters on the market. The device is also capable of a network analysis.


Current meter Universal current measuring device with ModBus. The device reads every Current Transformer (CT 2A or 5A or Rogowski-Coil). An analog output can reproduce the input measured values. The device performs an harmonic analysis of the current as well.


Power Meter Current transformer with an integrated power meter and ModBus interface.

QI 50 V 485

Current meter AC/DC current transducer based on Hall's effect for up to 50 A AC/DC. It replicates the DC component or the AC effective value (RMS)as analog output 0..10V. In addition, the values are available on the ModBus interface.

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