We are currently focusing on monitoring of energy systems and power measurements.

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Our product portfolio will expand as the selection process of our partners goes forward.

Higeco Datalogger

Logo Higeco

As approach to system monitoring, we offer Higeco datalogger, a highly efficient datalogger for photovoltaic systems, wind parks, industrial appliances, energy management, environmental surveillance.

Higeco is highly appreciated for its simplicity and yet completeness in the management of different sub-systems. Every user feels comfortable with the graphical interface and appreciates the information structure from high-level indicators down to single device values.

Qeed power meters and signal converters

Logo Qeed

Queed is a product line of intelligent signal converters and power meters. Many customers are impressed by the unique features of these devices, that do not match with other products on the market.

The high-end of the signal converters and power meters provide an integrated digital Modbus interface, so that they are ready for the integration in any industrial system.

Qeed products are listed in our website.